Thodoris Trampas is a visual artist who has been working with performance art and installation in space. He explore the limits and strengths inside and outside the body as it is exposed to a common view. Through improvisation, free movement, I allow breathing to penetrate into every cell, to recall memories, to awaken existence. He investigate the archetypal and primitive movement in contrast to the stereotyped body kinesiology. This unconscious movement releases an experiential reality, which aims to bring a human condition in endless attempt to equilibrate in a “landscape” which varies continuously in time and space. Any trials he does before he get to the end result he never forget the first moment he discovered something in it. Each moment contains something very important spontaneity and improvisation. He works alongside the development of the project keeping intact the feeling and experience of the first instant. Also, another axis that He works together is the objects and materials from modern life, such as plastic garbage bags and nylon, combined with organic materials such as soil and water. Materials that create a relationship with the landscape, with the colors around, the contrasts and the conditions that take place. He changes the properties of the above materials to produce specific meanings that revolve mainly around the concerns of man and the society of today. Usually behind everything I use, there is some symbolism necessary to create a story. Usually behind everything he uses, there is some symbolism necessary to create a story.
Fellow travelers in this story are the world that adds something and subtracts something, a living organism living in this time.  Everything lives and dies at the same time at the moment of performance nothing after, nothing before. All that work simultaneously, and combinational he tries not to lose balance by concentrating while leaving the flow of energy and emotions. During the fermentation of ideas, materials, research and creative work, the paradox and coincidence is there to enhance the importance of the visual element. The body is always there to experience and perceive reality without any rational thought.

Thodoris Trampas was born in 1991 in Devonport, Australia and he comes from Serres. In 2010 he was admitted in the School of Fine Arts in Athens where he studied painting under distinguished professors like Giannis Psychopaidis. He graduated with honors in 2015. He completed cycles of workshops such as courses on video art-multimedia, photography, design and engraving, as well as a three-year performance seminar by Emilia Βouriti. He is a scholarship holder of the Master program: “Education Sciences-Special Education” of the University of Nicosia. He cooperated with MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute) and NEON (Culture and Development Organization) for the Long Duration Performance in Greece at the Benaki Museum. He participated in the “Cleaning in the House” workshop centered on the “Marina Abramovic Method”. He has been selected by the 11th Florence Biennale 2017 in Fortezza da Basso entitled: “eARTH, Creativity & Sustainability”.The international organization bjcem – Youth Biennale
Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean together with the General Secretariat of New Generation and Lifelong Learning has chosen his work to represent Greece in LANDXSCAPES which is a multidisciplinary cultural program in Italy as well as at UKYA CITY TAKEOVER International Film Festival in February 2019 in Nottingham. He lives and works in Athens dealing mainly with painting, which led him to bodily expression through improvisation and to installation on site, especially with performance art . He teaches performance art in “physical workshops” where he focuses on exercising on basic elements and mechanics of visual performance. In his eight-year career, his work has been included in a book titled Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017, and has been featured in international and domestic journals and magazines such as the New York Times. Finally, he has presented his works in group exhibitions and festivals, both in Greece and abroad in Latin America, India, Tokyo, Egypt, England, his projects are kept in a private collections.

Group Exhibitions:


  • 14th Cyprus International Film Festival, Melina Mercouri Hall
  • 13th Greek Documentary Festival/DocFest, Papadimitriou Theater
  • INTERCAMBIOS,Zapadores Ciudad del Arte,
    Curated: La Tostadora – Proyectos Sonoro-Visuales / La Multinacional Prácticas Artísticas
  • On Art Film Festival, MOCAK( Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow ),
  • 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Pavlos Zannas Hall, Olympion,Thessaloniki/Greece
  • UKYA City Takeover, It’s In Nottingham, Backlit
    Curated: Bjcem
  • Performance Rooms 2019, Kappatos Gallery, St. George Lycabettus
    Curated: Simonou Niourou


  • Graduates 14-17 Part1, Athens School of Fine Arts,”Nikos Kessanlis” exhibition hall of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens,
    Curated: Katerina Tselou
  • LANDXCAPE, Multidisciplinary cultural project, Biblio-Regional Museums,
    Curated: Bjcem


    • Find Refuge in Art, Hellenic Open University and PRESS,
      Art Factory,Athens
      Curated: Elli Velliou
    • Inspire Project,  A Deed Without A Name, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art,  Thessaloniki/Greece
      Curated: Katerina Siroglou
    • W:OW Art Film & Video Festival(No Return),CologneOFF & TWIXTlab Athens,”Refugee Film Collection”, Athens
      Curated: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
    • 8th Cairo Video Festival|Forgiving time,Medrar for Contemporary Art, Rawabet Theater,29 Hoda Sharawy,Cairo/Egypt
  • MADATC 08|HUMANTROPE,International Contemporary Festival of Digital Audiovisual & New Media Art,Cultural Center Conter Conde Duqe,Madrid


    • Nothing special: Just not Opium CONCORDAT*,Cheapart Gallery, Athens
    • Omoerotiki Poiisi, Thomas adiafas, Athens Museum Of Queer Arts (AMOQA), Prosorinos Theater,Athens
    • Acts Of Enagement | Cycle 1. Athens Biennale AB5to6 “Omonoia”, Contemporary Art Showcase Athens, Bagkeion /Omonoia square, Athens
    • Intercambios, internacional video art – video performance, La Tostadora & La Multinacional, Curare Alterno, Pereira/Colobia
    • Festival x-24, artvideoKOELN,  “Refugee!” Film Collection,Gainsborough/UK
    • Festival Miden, Municipality of Kalamata,  Kallitexniko Steki,  Kalamata, Greece
    • 4nd  Cyprus International Performance Art Festival(CIPAF),  Nikos Kouroussis Foundation, Mine Kokkinopezoulas (Acid/Red Lake) & Mine Kokkinogias in Mitsero, Cyprus
    • As One, MAI(Marina Abramovics Institute) + Neon(Culture and Development Agency), Benaki Museum, Athens
    • Transmission Art Festival, Romatso, As part of the Biennale of Athens Omonia collaborates with the group C.A.S.A and Transmission Artists Association, Romantso and Orgelfabrik, Karlsruhe-Athens
    • EXCHANGES  International Exhibition of Video Art, LATOSTADORA artes sonoro-visualare, Latin America-with the countries of Colombia and Ecuador.
    • “Refugee” CologneOFFIndia, artvideoKOELN international, India
  •  PROMENADE, 6th Athens Video Dance Project in collaboration with the Theatre School of Fine Arts, the exhibition area Nikos Kessanlis, Athens Edited: Athens Video Dance Project


    • 3rd Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, self-organization and rallying independent creators, in multiplex Fmamprika Athens
    • The body in the physical and mental space, in Cheapart Gallery, Athens
    • Open September 4, the multiplex VAULT, Athens
    • Error, Action Field Kodra, the former camp Kodra, Thessaloniki
    • Showcase Festival, Contemporary Art Showcase Athens, Semio Theater, Athens
    • Athens Photo Festival, the network of the European Month of Photography (European Month of Photography), Greek Centre of Photography, Benaki Museum, Athens
  • Electric Night Vol3, Palais de paris and Contemporary Art Showcase Athens, at the multiplex BETON7, Athens-Tokyo


  • Project3 Sadness,Municipal Theatre of Piraeus,Municipality of Piraeus (O.P.A.N), the Old Railway Station Drapetsonas, nomades artcore, Athens
  •  Art and Madness, The Society for the Study of Cultural Diversity (O.P.A.N.) and the Municipality of Athens (O.P.A.N.D.A.), the cultural center Melina Mercouri, Athens
  • THE FIRST STOP,European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens,nomades artcore, Athens


  • The Little Paris of Athens City of Athens, in the building of Finos Film, Athens
  • Organic Matter and Illusion, Contemporary Art Meeting Point, at the multiplex CAMP, Athens


  • Colour in the hometown of the times, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens
  • Stops and Stations,Train Roof, Athens
  • Victim-Victimizer, Hall 7 Municipal Slaughterhouses Moschaton-Taurus, Athens


  • Charity Bazaar (Vulnerable Groups), Liaison Office of the School of Fine, in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens


  • Art exhibition, University of Western Macedonia Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Municipal Market Kypselis, Athens

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